Frontaal Film is founded by Tim van den Hoff and Ruben Hamelink. Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, we’ve created productions, both at home and abroad, since 2014. 

We're filmmakers. For us there's no form, without content.
And vice versa, of course. Strongly involved with the concept, we bridge the gap between agency and production company.


Our hearts start racing when we:

  • recieve a creative and intellectual challenge
  • that calls for high production value cinematography
  • contributes to social awareness
  • and lets us Forrest Gump around with all our gear

Whether working on a corporate story, branded video or one of our documentaries, all our films share the same cinematic DNA. Developing sincere human connections is at the core of every production, because we believe it's the only way to engage in effective storytelling. Paired with an inquisitive and meticulous cinematography, our approach is an upfront one: immersing ourselves in any world with an honest, natural and open point of view. 

We're not just filmmakers: we're people who enjoy a good story, too.