LEcture series  |  2017


For Erasmus University Rotterdam we've produced a video series for the course Introduction to Aesthetics at the faculty of Philosophy.

Instead of placing a professor in front of a camera and let him talk away, we chose to do a multicamera live registration with four cameras, autocue and a giant projection of images that were part of the material or otherwise thematically relevant. The recorded sessions were compared and assembled, saving a lot of editing time.

This was at once a combination of a sharp visual translation of our client's need and a clever way of producing: this concept kept the costs down for over four hours of deliverable materials and the visual design allowed the images to enter into a meaningful association with the text.


Erasmus University Rotterdam

Director: Tim van den Hoff
Cameras: Ruben Hamelink
Image research: Lydia Baan Hofman
Camera assistant: Boris Swaen
Camera assistant: Elin de Baan
Production assistant: Roosmarijn Hamelink

Decor: Dutch Chairmen
Technical facilities: Plaisier Audiovisueel
Location: Het Industriegebouw