DOCUMENTARY  |  50 min. | 2019


It has become increasingly common to explain recent social and political upheaval with references to resentment. For example, white Americans’ resentment of their declining socioeconomic status led many to vote for Trump. Western Europeans’ resentment of immigrants and refugees drawing on states’ welfare programs generated dramatic support for Brexit and national far-right parties. Yet, resentment remains relatively poorly understood. What are its origins? How does it drive action? What differentiates resentment from anger, hatred, indignation, or ressentiment?

In collaboration with anthropologist Jürgen Schaflechner and commissioned by Princeton University, we’ve created a documentary focussing on these questions, featuring Wendy Brown, Grayson Hunt, Alexander Nehamas, Gyan Prakash, Rahel Jaeggi, Robert Pfaller, Sjoerd van Tuinen and Peter Sloterdijk.

The film will be premiering October 18th, 2019 at the Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies, after which a screening tour will follow and an educational distribution. For more information, visit